Herkus advised Spartak to sell Kokorin

Herkus advised Spartak to sell Kokorin

Former general director of Lokomotiv Ilya Gerkus said that Spartak should think about selling striker Alexander Kokorin.

“Anything can happen, of course, but statistics like Alexander's can rather be explained by the super form in which he was a couple of seasons during his career. For the most part, despite the large number of game minutes, he scored very little.

Judging by the ongoing health problems, he most likely will not gain his former super form, which means there is nothing much to expect from him. You can plan a transfer to the exit while it costs at least some money, ”Herkus wrote on his Telegram channel.

Kokorin joined Spartak as a free agent in the summer of 2020. On account of his 2 goals and 2 assists in 10 matches for the red and white. The Transfermarkt.com portal estimates the cost of the 29-year-old Russian at 6 million euros.