Gunko said who he sees in the place of the head coach of "Spartak"

Gunko said who he sees in the place of the head coach of "Spartak"

Former head coach of Khimki and the Spartak academy Dmitry Gunko, in a conversation with SE, told who can be expected as head coach of the red and whites. Earlier it became known that Domenico Tedesco is not planning to renew the contract with the club.

- I think that the management of the club is in a difficult situation now. Because the team played for a year under the leadership of Domenico Tedesco, who professed a tough game system. He selected players and entered them into this system, which he adhered to throughout the entire stage of his work at Spartak. The choice will not be easy. If this is a specialist who will adhere to other principles of the game, then, accordingly, it will be necessary to change the set of players and the requirements.

It is difficult to say whether it will be a foreigner or a Russian specialist. I will say that foreign specialists are given more time to work, they also have more credit of trust. The Russians have a certain pressure that puts pressure on them when many fans and specialists, whom Spartak has a huge army, cannot stand it. Another thing is that now the circle of Russian coaches is limited. Almost all of them are in business. I don't know if they will take risks.

(Ekaterina Zvenigorodskaya)